Rock and Roll, Read!


Hello, Everyone!

Thanks for your interest in the 2018 Summer Reading Blog for teens/tweens!

The way to participate is to send an email to MuehlPublic{at sign}gmail{dot}com.

*Please send me your full name.

* Please send me your library card number beginning with “21389”.

*Please send me the name you would like me to use for you on the Scoreboard.

It can be any user name or your own name. Some names used in the past:

Elvis, Kitty Cat, Nature Lover, etc.

I will add you to the scoreboard and send you directions on how to participate this summer. If you get 5 bingos you can choose an amazon or B&N gift card in the amount of $25! Each week a bingo card will be posted on one page of the blog for a total of 10 bingo cards. We know you are very busy so we are just requiring that you make a bingo on 5 of the 10 cards.

Enjoy your summer and thanks for keeping up on your reading.

Sincerely, Elizabeth


Mark Foster, lead singer of Foster the People, is a favorite singer of one of our participants.