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Hello, Everyone!

Thanks for your interest in the 2017 Summer Reading Blog for teens/tweens!

We are keeping the program very simple this summer because everyone is busy and we delayed beginning until after Seymour summer school was over.

The way to participate is to send an email to MuehlPublic{at sign}gmail{dot}com.

Tell me your name and what name you will be using on the blog. It can be the same, your choice. Respond to this post via REPLY with your titles. When you have achieved all 5, I will be in contact as to whether you would like an amazon gift card or a B&N gift card in the amount of $25!

This format is the same as the adult summer reading program at our library…

Categories (read and submit to me one book title and author from each one please; read in any order you want)

  • 1 Read a book off of the adult book reading list 2017-18.adultbookgrp17.18
  • 2 Read a book from the juvenile section (back wall) or juvenile section wherever you are.
  • 3 Read any non-fiction book of your choice.
  • 4 Read a book about some aspect of Wisconsin. If you are not in Wisconsin, read something about the state you live in.
  • 5 Read a picture book.

Enjoy your summer and thanks for keeping up on your reading.

Sincerely, Elizabeth






Two more card earners

Congratulations to Stacy_Morgan who received an e.card for amazon because she is out of state and congratulations to Wyatt who received his card for B&N today. His 5th title from WI was by local author Lynn Koenigs.  Keep on reading everyone!