Rock and Roll, Read!

Hello, Everyone!

Thanks for your interest in the 2018 Summer Reading Blog for teens/tweens!

The way to participate is to send an email to MuehlPublic{at sign}gmail{dot}com.

*Please send me your full name.

* Please send me your library card number beginning with “21389”.

*Please send me the name you would like me to use for you on the Scoreboard.

It can be any user name or your own name. Some names used in the past:

Elvis, Kitty Cat, Nature Lover, etc.

I will add you to the scoreboard and send you directions on how to participate this summer. If you get 5 bingos you can choose an amazon or B&N gift card in the amount of $25! Each week a bingo card will be posted on one page of the blog for a total of 10 bingo cards. We know you are very busy so we are just requiring that you make a bingo on 5 of the 10 cards.

Enjoy your summer and thanks for keeping up on your reading.

Sincerely, Elizabeth


Mark Foster, lead singer of Foster the People, is a favorite singer of one of our participants.

54 thoughts on “Rock and Roll, Read!

  1. HI my name is Breanna Patz, and I would like to sign up for the summer reading program. If I could have my username be Candemarina, the would be great!

  2. James Patterson Toys
    Based in the future humans are evil and advanced life forms rule the world. In the future those with many toys( cars) are the first to die.
    I would recommend this book for all sci-fi fans.

  3. Happy birthday bad kitty by Nick bruel
    A cat and how his birthday party does not go as planned. Friendship is the key to happiness and it is a lesson Kitty learned.

  4. This is Aaron in California and I would like my username to be me11yagn. I have read all 5 books.

    1. I have read Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White, which was one of the books in the adult book group list. I loved how the author used the characters of animals to teach readers important lessons in life.

    2. My local library in California calls the Juvenile section, the YA section. In this section, I have read iBoy, a awesome novel, talking about a boy, who gets to experience a brain, functioned like a phone, when an accident involving broken fragments of an iPhone lodged in his brain.

    3. I read Anne FrankL Diary of a Young Girl, as a non-fiction book. I loved how she wrote out her experiences in World War 2.

    4. I read Bitter Melon, by Cara Chow, that talks about Francis’s strict life, living in San Francisco, California.

    5. I read Oh, the Places You’d Go! by Dr. Suess. I loved reading the many adventures in the book.

  5. Hullo! The books that I have read are as follows.

    The Thickety: A Path Begins
    The Thickety: The Whispering Trees
    The Thickety: Well of Witches
    The Thickety: The Last Spell
    These are all by J.A. White! (Very very very very very well recommended!)

    The last book I read was,
    The Book of Elsewhere: The Shadows
    This was by Jacqueline West.
    Thank You!!

    • Great job, Jessica! I am glad that you have been doing so much reading. Can you please check back in the directions about the 5 categories to read within? Thanks so much! Please let me know if you need any help asap!

      • Oooooooooh! I understand now! Sorry. When I picked up the sheet from the library it just said five books. I must have grabbed the wrong paper! I should have read the instructions better, whoops! Redo.

      • Hi JessicaRose, no problem. There is lots of summer left.
        Just please let me know when you have all 5 categories completed
        and what titles they were!

  6. Hello, Here are the books I’ve read so far:

    From the juvenile section: “Kavik the Wolf Dog” by Walt Morey
    Non-fiction book: “Machines Close Up Military Vehicles” by Daniel Gilper & Alex Pang
    Book on some aspect of WI: “Eat Smart Dairy” by Vic Parker
    Picture book: “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” by Mo Willems

  7. I have read three of the books:

    1. Nevermore by James Patterson, which is on the adult reading list.

    2. The Whispering Skull by Jonathan Stroud, which is in the kids section.

    3. Weird But True, which I don’t know who it’s by, but it’s nonfiction.

  8. I also have read a page about Wisconsin from Greetings from the 50 States: How They Got Their Names. Does that count?

  9. Hey all!
    So I’ve finished, and here’s my list of books.

    1. The Magnolia Story
    2. The Land of Stories Series–The Enchantress Returns
    3. As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales From the Making of the Princess Bride
    4. Land of the Lone Star Series–Touching the Sky
    5. Grandfather’s Journey

    Thanks again for letting me participate. Love y’all!

    • Going a bit more in-depth,

      1. Really love Chip and Joanna, how real they are, how their faith is at the center of everything, and how they just roll with the curve ball she life throws at them. Some of my role-models in that way for sure.

      2. Okay, I just LOVE this series. Probably because I’ve always thought of books as portals to other worlds, and that’s kind of what happens to Alex and Connor; they’re sucked into another world through a book where stories–fairy tales specifically–are real.

      3. I loved the movie and hearing Cary Elwes’s stories of how it was brought to life rounded out my enjoyment. The way he writes made me enjoy reading this non-fiction, which, for me, is a rarity.

      4. Post-Civil War Texas Christian romances. As a general rule, I don’t read romance books. I’ll read books with a romantic subplot, but when the entire story is just romance? No. But this series… it’s just, it’s really good. Because the romance is in the foreground, but it’s like an actor who loves to share the limelight with the historical part, and the friction, and life lessons. Really an enjoyable read.

      5. The illustrations were spectacular, and I really enjoyed the story itself as well. The author takes you through his Grandfather’s journey from Japan to America, his journey back, and then his own journey retracing his grandfather’s footsteps after WWII.

      As for my username, I’ll go with my classic: Stacy_Morgan.
      Thanks again!

      • Thank you Stacy_Morgan for participating and for taking time to tell us more about those books.
        Grandfather’s Journey is one that is especially close to my heart!
        Please let me know which gift card you would prefer, amazon or B & N?

      • Thank you.
        I think I will choose Amazon, seeing as how I have a good many books on that list that I’m not sure that B&N has. 🙂

  10. I’m Kylee (Smet) and I would like to sign up for the summer reading program. I’d like my username to be EmpireAntics. So far, I have read one of the books in the categories: From the adult reading list, I have read Wolf By Wolf by Ryan Graudin, which was a fantastic book. It took place in an alternate history in which Hitler had won World War II. The storyline focuses on a teenager named Yael, who is a Jew that escaped from a concentration camp when she was a child due to her ability to “skinshift”, as she calls it. She can change features at will, becoming the doppelganger of anybody she sees. However, she only attained her powers from medical experimentation in the concentration camps, leaving her with a blinding vengeance for Hitler. I’m not going to say anything beyond that so as not to spoil too much, but it is an amazing book!

  11. Hi! I’m Zachary Kemp. I’d like to sign up for the summer reading program. I’d like my user name to be Zek a Roni.

  12. Hello! I have finished reading my five books and am here to report what I read.

    Off the adult reading list I read “Flight of Dreams,” by Ariel Lawhon. This book is about the many passengers who rode The Hindenburg on it’s very last trip before it exploded. Before starting this book I had already mentally prepared myself for the drastic ending I knew would come, yet I still find myself screaming at book in a frenzy even as I read the very last few chapters! I would defiantly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys reading mysterious, romantic, or historical literature.
    For a Non-Fiction book I read “We are the ship: The story of Negro League Baseball,” by Kadir Nelson. I have to say that history has never been my favorite subject in school, yet while reading this book I find myself captivated by the first experience that Nelson provides. I L-O-V-E how Nelson tells his story as if he knew each and every person personally. It reminded of an old veteran telling stories about his time in the war.
    I managed steal “The Thickety: A Path Begins,” by J.A. White out of the Juvenile section of the library. What can I say. Much like “Harry Potter” by J.K. Rowling this book created a brand new world within it’s self, and If there is anything that I am a sucker for it is books that can do that! I could hardly put the book down as I followed Kara through her eternal battle against her grimoire (A spell book for witches), and later as she battles through a magical forest slowly discovering her wexari powers. (The rare ability to cast a spell without a grimoire)
    The book I read about Wisconsin was called “Wisconsin” by Bettina Ling. Although not my favorite book of the bunch, reading about Wisconsin many different areas of nature inspired to want to do a lot more exploring around my own state before traveling to anywhere too far elsewhere!
    Last but certainly not least I read a picture book called “Blue Berries For Sal,” by Robert Meloskey. IT is a charming book of ironic literature that is perfectly suited for a child waiting for his/her daily bedtime story.

  13. Miss Elizabeth,
    Thank you for always doing this! I think I can speak for us all when I say we really enjoy it!
    I thought I had sent you a comment along the lines of: //I think I’ll take the Amazon card since I have multiple books on an Amazon wishlist that I’m not sure B&N has.// I haven’t gotten confirmation that you’ve seen it, however, and it isn’t with the rest of my comments. I may have thought I posted it but not actually done it, though. 🙂

    …I really hope that second paragraph doesn’t make you think the first was not sincere, because I’m reading it now, and that’s what it looks like, even though it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

  14. Alright! I have succeeded in finishing these 5 books.
    1. I read a book by James Patterson— Maximum Ride. I have been getting recommendations for it since about 2 years ago, and I finally got around to it now.
    2. Bone Gap by Laura Ruby. It is unusual because it is realistic fiction for most of the book, then in the last 50 pages it turns to folk fantasy.
    3. For a nonfiction book, there was Why Do Cats Purr? by Apple Jordan. I had been planning on using Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club by Phillip Hoose, but as I was typing this I realized that was historical fiction. So the book I read for this category was not ideal, and maybe a little small, but it is nonfiction!!!
    4. For a Wisconsin book, I read Good Morning, Door County by Ann and Karen Heyse. It is a poem about the activities you can do in Door County. It is written by Ann and illustrated by Karen.
    5. My picture book was Little Robot by Ben Hatke. It is a book about a robot that was on its way to a factory but fell out of its truck. It then had some adventures with a small girl in a nearby village, while attempting to escape from a large robot that had been sent to bring it back. It is rather thoughtful, yet simple.

    I would like an Amazon gift card, please. Thank you very much for running this program and promoting reading in Seymour!

    -Evan Smet

  15. Hey there! I believe I have completed the teens summer reading program. I read Fablehaven, by Brandon Mull, from the back wall, Charlottes Web by E.B. White from the adults list, Penguins can’t fly, and other rules that don’t exist, by Jason Kotecki, for nonfiction, Historic tales of the Fox River Valley, by Giles Clark, for the book about WI, and Dragonhenge, written by Jhon Grant and illustrated by Bob Eggleton, for the picture book category.

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