Week One Challenges

June 13.image

Welcome to the blog of Muehl Public Library’s summer reading program for tweens/teens!  Please browse around the blog for more information about the program.  Without further ado, here are your week 1 challenges! Challenge responses can be submitted by e-mail.  E-mail address: MuehlPublic [at] gmail [dot] com

  1. Sign-up for the program.

Fill out a sheet at the library and then your username will be added to this blog so that you can participate.

  1. Read a book from the 2016 Teens’ Top 10 Nominations List put together by YALSA.

Submit: Book title and author, your personal rating (whatever system you want: grades, stars…), and a brief review.  A few sentences will suffice, but feel free to write more.

  1. Take a photograph that represents “ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, READ!” to you.

Submit: E-mail the photograph as an attachment (shrink it down so the file size isn’t huge).  State the TITLE of your photograph. Make sure to sign your name and/or username.

These challenges can be completed anytime during the summer, and they are all worth one point each.  Please refer to the challenges page for complete information about submitting your challenge responses.

Check back next Monday for more!



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