Week Two Challenges


4. Who is a famous athlete you admire and why?

This summer’s theme is about all kinds of HEALTH. Athletes are physically fit!

Submit: Please tell me about a famous athlete (living or dead) who you admire and why.

For example, I have always admired Muhammad Ali. He was rigorous about being fit his whole life. But when he was a boxer he trained very very hard so that he could be very very successful. Part of that training was to have a positive mental picture of WINNING. Out of the ring, he was a kind and gentle soul who did a lot of good for humanity. When he suffered from Parkinson’s disease later in his life he fought that with strength, also. He became a spokesperson and role model for living with the disease in a dignified and upbeat manner.

5. It is strawberry picking time!


Please research and submit the health benefits of eating strawberries!

gallery-1432664914-strawberry-facts16Exercising our brains!



Please submit a brain teaser or brain puzzler of any kind that can get people using their brains! We will make these available around the library for patrons to stretch themselves even though it is summer!

Check back next Monday for more!


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