Week Three Challenges


7. It’s Polka Time! And this Challenge is worth 5 points. 

Pintsize Polkas will be at the library on Tuesday, June 28th at 6:30 p.m. Earn 5 points by coming to the show. To sweeten the deal (!) earn 5 points for every person you are able to bring to the show. It is going to be fun! This picture is from the last time this show was at the library, in 2011.


8. Thinking about our mental health

Research from two sources please, one a book and one online. What can people do when they are on the brink of losing their temper to calm down? Key word search might be “anger management” or “managing emotions”. Please submit the ideas that you learn from your research. Thank you! (This is a very important issue so there will be an individual page on the blog with the results on it.)

9. Using Infosoup/Overdrive

Do a search in Overdrive for an digital book–an ebook or an audiobook. Even if you don’t check it out, make a copy of the record and submit it.


Check back next Monday for more!

**P.S. Level one and level two prizes have been chosen! Please see the Level Prizes tab!


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