Week Five Challenges


13. Study Matt Tavares! He is the illustrator of much of the artwork for this year’s summer reading theme, ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, READ! Submit: a short bio about Matt and list at least one of the books that he has illustrated. Summer reading is a wonderful time to showcase the talents of authors AND illustrators.

14. Did you know that is the National Parks Centennial? It is wonderful that we have had 100 years of National Parks as places to visit for our overall health.

Go to https://www.nps.gov/subjects/centennial/index.htm and look around. Submit: Tell me one thing that you did not know before about our National Parks but learned by visiting this site. Thank you.

15. 8f92ee3cfe42a4a03ab692e7e58be113Make your own Emoji Recommend…poster. Use at least three books! Get their book covers and then add your emojis! You can use books that were “just alright” if you want or even books that you did not like. Just add the appropriate emoji. Fun! Submit: Emoji Recommend…poster.

Check back next Monday for more!


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