Week of August 15, 10th & final week :(


26. August 15 is Independence Day in India. Submit: The history of India’s Independence Day.

27. What movie did you watch this summer that was based on a book?  Submit:  Please submit the title and the author and the publication date. Then tell me how many years between the time the book was published and the time that the movie came out!

28. A bucket list is a wish list of things you would like to do before you “hit the bucket”. Submit: What is one thing on your bucket list OR that you would put on a bucket list.


Week of August 8, week 9


august-8One challenge this week. (Challenge Number 25)

Attend Mary Tesch’s program on Thursday, August 11, from 7 to 8 p.m. called “LEARN TO THINK LIKE A DISNEY IMAGINEER.”

How does this fit into ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, READ? It is a program about keeping your brain sharp and healthy by using creativity!

You will receive TEN points for this challenge and FIVE extra points for guests that you bring (of any age). We hope to see you there!

A brainstorming board is in the hallway for this program. We are brainstorming different ingredients for a “creative burger”.




Week Eight challenges, Happy August!

augustishere22. Pokemon Go! has been in the news a lot lately. But I would like to hear about how it is going in other countries where it has been launched. Submit: information you find out about the current event of Pokemon Go! abroad.

23. Goals for August. Summer vacation is starting to wind down. What are some of your goals before going back to school? Submit: Tell me what you would like to get done prior to returning to school. And if it is doing more challenges for this blog, that is just great!

24. Rory Gilmore reading challenge. Rory Gilmore was a TV character on a show called The Gilmore Girls. Look over the list and tell me if you have read any of the books OR which books you would like to try.

Rory Gilmore reading challenge

Submit: Any of the books you have read off the list OR which ones make you interested in reading them.

Week Seven Challenges, Happy Fair Week!



19. Charles Nagreen was the original Hamburger Charlie and he invented the hamburger at the Outagamie County Fair. Write a paragraph about Hamburger Charlie. (Hint: use this website for research: http://www.homeofthehamburger.org/) Submit:  Please submit your paragraph to MuehlPublic@gmail.com or use the comment feature on this blog.

20. What is your favorite fair ride and why? Submit:  Please submit your answer to MuehlPublic@gmail.com or use the comment feature on this blog.

21. Coloring is trendy but so what? It is fun and relaxing. For this challenge, run off the FAIR WEEK pdf and color it. Please submit it (with your name on the back) to the BLOG BOX in the foyer of the library.

Check back next Monday for more!

***Level 3 prize is at the library. Please check in with Elizabeth. Thanks!


Week Six Challenges


16. Create a picture like this with a sibling or yourself or a friend!! I like this kind of tribute to nature! Submit:  Please submit the jpeg to MuehlPublic@gmail.com


17. Participating in your community is a way to stay healthy! Submit: tell me a place you have been together with other people this summer, local or not, where you were joined with other people for a common cause even if the cause was just having FUN!

Examples: going to the Farmer’s Market, going to the museum, going to Music in the Park, going to the drive-in movie, or make up your own!

18. Cigarettes are bad for you! Tell me one thing that cigarettes do that is bad for you. Additionally, please tell me where you got your information.

Check back next Monday for more!

Week Five Challenges


13. Study Matt Tavares! He is the illustrator of much of the artwork for this year’s summer reading theme, ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, READ! Submit: a short bio about Matt and list at least one of the books that he has illustrated. Summer reading is a wonderful time to showcase the talents of authors AND illustrators.

14. Did you know that is the National Parks Centennial? It is wonderful that we have had 100 years of National Parks as places to visit for our overall health.

Go to https://www.nps.gov/subjects/centennial/index.htm and look around. Submit: Tell me one thing that you did not know before about our National Parks but learned by visiting this site. Thank you.

15. 8f92ee3cfe42a4a03ab692e7e58be113Make your own Emoji Recommend…poster. Use at least three books! Get their book covers and then add your emojis! You can use books that were “just alright” if you want or even books that you did not like. Just add the appropriate emoji. Fun! Submit: Emoji Recommend…poster.

Check back next Monday for more!

Week Four Challenges


10.10 negative calorie foods are: almonds, apples, berries, celery, citrus fruits, cruciferous vegetables, cucumbers, green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, and nightshades. Submit: Find or create a recipe that includes at least TWO of them.

11. 10 fat-burning condiments and spices are: Cayenne pepper, black pepper, turmeric, mustard, horseradish, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, cardamom, and cumin. Submit: Which one of these have you tasted and do you like it or not?

12.10 proteins are: Beef (lean cuts), chicken, clams, crabmeat, eggs, flounder, mussels, shrimp, tuna and turkey. Submit: Which of these do you have in your diet? How do you like it prepared?

*I got the ideas for challenges 10, 11, and 12 from a book I am reading called The Negative Calorie Diet by Rocco Dispirito. This book promotes healthy eating for healthy living!

Check back next Monday for more!


Week Three Challenges


7. It’s Polka Time! And this Challenge is worth 5 points. 

Pintsize Polkas will be at the library on Tuesday, June 28th at 6:30 p.m. Earn 5 points by coming to the show. To sweeten the deal (!) earn 5 points for every person you are able to bring to the show. It is going to be fun! This picture is from the last time this show was at the library, in 2011.


8. Thinking about our mental health

Research from two sources please, one a book and one online. What can people do when they are on the brink of losing their temper to calm down? Key word search might be “anger management” or “managing emotions”. Please submit the ideas that you learn from your research. Thank you! (This is a very important issue so there will be an individual page on the blog with the results on it.)

9. Using Infosoup/Overdrive

Do a search in Overdrive for an digital book–an ebook or an audiobook. Even if you don’t check it out, make a copy of the record and submit it.


Check back next Monday for more!

**P.S. Level one and level two prizes have been chosen! Please see the Level Prizes tab!

Week Two Challenges


4. Who is a famous athlete you admire and why?

This summer’s theme is about all kinds of HEALTH. Athletes are physically fit!

Submit: Please tell me about a famous athlete (living or dead) who you admire and why.

For example, I have always admired Muhammad Ali. He was rigorous about being fit his whole life. But when he was a boxer he trained very very hard so that he could be very very successful. Part of that training was to have a positive mental picture of WINNING. Out of the ring, he was a kind and gentle soul who did a lot of good for humanity. When he suffered from Parkinson’s disease later in his life he fought that with strength, also. He became a spokesperson and role model for living with the disease in a dignified and upbeat manner.

5. It is strawberry picking time!


Please research and submit the health benefits of eating strawberries!

gallery-1432664914-strawberry-facts16Exercising our brains!



Please submit a brain teaser or brain puzzler of any kind that can get people using their brains! We will make these available around the library for patrons to stretch themselves even though it is summer!

Check back next Monday for more!

Week One Challenges

June 13.image

Welcome to the blog of Muehl Public Library’s summer reading program for tweens/teens!  Please browse around the blog for more information about the program.  Without further ado, here are your week 1 challenges! Challenge responses can be submitted by e-mail.  E-mail address: MuehlPublic [at] gmail [dot] com

  1. Sign-up for the program.

Fill out a sheet at the library and then your username will be added to this blog so that you can participate.

  1. Read a book from the 2016 Teens’ Top 10 Nominations List put together by YALSA.

Submit: Book title and author, your personal rating (whatever system you want: grades, stars…), and a brief review.  A few sentences will suffice, but feel free to write more.

  1. Take a photograph that represents “ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, READ!” to you.

Submit: E-mail the photograph as an attachment (shrink it down so the file size isn’t huge).  State the TITLE of your photograph. Make sure to sign your name and/or username.

These challenges can be completed anytime during the summer, and they are all worth one point each.  Please refer to the challenges page for complete information about submitting your challenge responses.

Check back next Monday for more!