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Summer: Losing your mind

Special to ACN &Times-Press
Val Letter
SMS sixth grader

Your alarm clock beeps. You slowly roll out of bed and slip into your usual morning routine. Suddenly you realize…it’s summer! When you think of summer you think of fun and the no school happiness, but what if summer was really a nightmare? Studies have shown that summer can be a nightmare for some students academically. This tragedy is called the summer slide.
The Summer Slide
So what is the summer slide? The summer slide is a tragedy that occurs when your child loses too much knowledge, typically over the summer. They begin to forget or lose the knowledge they learned over the school year. Over the summer time if kids are not busy learning they will begin to lose hard earned knowledge. It’s safe to say that summer is school’s worst enemy! Many Students are losing up to two months of knowledge every summer. Parents also wish that the nine months of knowledge stayed in their child’s head. This is a big problem but there are ways to prevent this.
Studies Show…
Many people thought that the summer slide was just a myth, but studies have shown that the summer slide is real. It’s not a disease or anything that parents should be really worried about, but you should pay some attention to it. The average student loses about 1 to 2 months of knowledge every summer. Almost all students score higher on tests at the end of the school year than the tests at the beginning of a new school year. Studies have also proven that families with more involvement in their child’s school are more likely to have a successful student. So, if your child has been hit by the summer slide, consider volunteering in your child’s school/classroom.
The summer slide is very bad for many students but there are ways to prevent it. Children that practice their reading skills and go to the library regularly over the summer will have a better chance of remembering over the summer. While you’re at the library help your child pick out books. If they don’t seem interested in the books that you pick out they are going to become bored. When your child is interested they will become more engaged and want to continue reading. Every week read to your child. When you read to them you are able to understand their struggles better and explain what big words or other concepts mean. This helps both you and your child understand their academic success. Remember these methods and try them over the summer. And if all else fails write a letter or send an email to your child’s new and old teacher.
How do you start?
Remember the beautiful carefree summer morning? Summer can still be that peaceful. By following these methods you and your child will have plenty of summer fun while learning!! You might find reading a bit of a stress reliever too.